Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 8 : 21 Years Old [ "For as long as she is alive" by Shioka Kito (Aya's Mother) ]

by Shioka Kito (Aya's Mother)
"Mrs. Kito, please come over here quickly!"
I received the call from the hospital at my workspace. In a panic I rushed to the hospital as fast as I could;
I can hardly remember how I did it.
I pushed my way through the doctor and the crowd of nurses who were gathered around Aya's bed . . .
"What's the matter?" I cried out.
Aya was breathing as if she had hiccups, but she smiled when she saw me.
I hugged her at once, thinking, "Thank God, she's alive!"
The doctor told me that a patient in the same room had noticed that Aya was in agony because she couldn't get rid
of some phlegm stuck in her throat. The patient told a nurse. They administered emergency treatment and her life was saved.

'I wonder how I can show my gratitude?'
From Aya's diary

Due to a variety of minor things, such as developing a fever and faulty swallowing. Aya's condition has gradually
deteriorated. It's just as if she's going down stairs one at a time.
Starting around that time, her writing became very distorted and almost illegible. However, her spirit of wanting
to write in order to live didn't decline at all; she continued writing in her sketchbook holding a felt-tip pen
with all the strength she could muster in a hand which wouldn't move as she wished.
Today, she can't even do that. However, I am sure that she is still writing in her heart, while desperately
fighting against the demon of ill-health.

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