Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 2 : 15 years Old [ Illness Creeping Up II ]

Seeing The Doctor

I go to the hospital in Nagoya with my mother. (Written by Aya in English).
We left at 9 a.m. Rika, my baby sister, wasn't feeling well, but she had to go to her nursery school anyway because I was going to the hospital . . . poor girl!

We arrived at Nagoya University Hospital at 11 a.m. We had to wait for about three hours. I tried to read a book, but I was feeling nervous. I couldn't concentrate as much as usual because I was feeling rather worried.
"I rang Professor Itsuro Sofue (now Director of Chubu National Hospital)," Mom said, "I'm sure you'll be all right."
But . . .
At last my name was called out. My heart was beating fast. Mom explained my problems to the doctor:
1. I fell over and cut my chin. (A normal person would put out their arms to break the fall, but my face hit the ground directly.)
2. The way I walk is unstable. (I can't bend my knees much.)
3. I've been losing weight
4. My movements are slow. (I've lost the ability to move quickly.)

Listening to her, I was amazed. Mom is always moving around so busily, but now I know that she's been observing me very carefully! She knew everything about me . . . That made me feel more secure. So, the things I've secretly been worried about have been conveyed to a doctor. My worries will be solved.

I sat on a round chair and looked at the doctor. He was wearing glasses. He had a gentle look and a warm smile, so I felt relieved. He asked me to close my eyes, stretch out both my hands and try to make my forefingers meet. Then I had to stand on one leg. Then I lay down on a bed and he stretched and bent my legs. He patted my knees with a hammer. I was totally under his thumb. Then the examination was over.
"Now let's take a CT scan," he said.
"Aya," said Mom, "it won't hurt you or anything. It's only a machine tat checks ur brain by cutting it in round slices."
"What! Cutting my brain in round slices?"
That's a very serious matter to the person being scanned! A big machine slowly came down from above. My head was completely covered. It was as if I was riding in space. A man in a white frock said, "Lie down still and don't move." I lay still just as I was told. Then I began to feel sleepy.

After the examination, we were kept waiting for a long time. Then we got some medicine and went home.
I have added one more order to my list:
I won't complain about taking medicine-even if it's enough to fill up my stomach-so long as it makes me better. Dr. Sofue at the prestigious Nagoya University Hospital, I beg you, please help to save the life of Aya, the budding beauty. You told me that I should only go and see you once a month because the hospital's far away and I have to go to school. Well, I'll definitely come and see you, and I will do whatever you tell me to do. So please make me better, I beg you!

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