Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 1 :14 Years Old [ My Family II ]

My Family

Dad: 41 years old. He's a bit impetuous, but sweet.
Mom: 40 years old. I respect her, but she's tough when she goes right to the heart of the matter.
Me: 14 years old. At the start of adolescence. A delicate age. A crybaby, in short. Emotion incarnate. Simple girl. Loses temper easily, but also laughs easily.
Ako: 13 years old. I have a sense of rivalry with her in terms of both study and personality. But these days she has me under pressure.
Hiroki: 12 years old. A tough customer. Formidable. He's younger than me, but he sometimes seems more like an elder brother. He's also Koro the dog's foster father.
Kentaro: 11 years old. He has a rich imagination but can be careless.
Rika: 2 months old. She has Mom's curly hair and Dad's face (her eyes in particular, the hands of the clocl pointing to eight twenty). Very cute!

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