Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 3 - The Start of Distress II

Friends of The Disabled

'Tanpopo no Kai' (The Dandelion Association) is a group of disabled people who got together somehow or other. They took me to a coffee shop called Baroque which has a harpsichord. When I said, "I'd like to come here again when it's being played," Yamaguchi-san smiled.

I dropped by Jun's house. She's deaf, but she actively communicates through sign language. Her facial expressions are very cute. I've learned a little sign language. I want to become better at it and become a close friend. Jun's mother gives an impression very similar to Mom's.

What I've Learned from My Friends
1. If I remain timid, thinking I'm disabled, I'll never be able to change myself!
2. Rather than seeking after what you've lost, improve what you've been left with.
3. Don't think you're smart or you'll only feel miserable.

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