Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 7 : 20 Years Old [ "I don't want to be beaten . . ." V ]

A - RI - GA - TO

I can't lead my live without my little old lady or without depending on someone - for everything, including
turning over in bed, dealing with my bowel functions, putting on my clothes, taking off my clothes, eating,
sitting up . . . Mom has to work and look after my brothers and sisters. She's not just a mother to me. My
little old lady is spending her life only for me. She cooks noodles and 'mochi' rice-cakes (my favorites) for me.
She encourages me to eat more - even if just a little - and get better as soon as possible so that I can go
home. Her daughter-in-law sometimes brings in dishes she has cooked herself and serves me. Her grandchildren
come and take my photo. Her whole family really looks after me.
I can hardly talk. All I can say is "A-RI-GA-TO" (Thank you). But I want to convey my happy feelings to them
using lots more words.

Each person has unspeakable distress.
When I remember the past,
Annoyingly, I cry;
The reality of today
Is too cruel, too severe,
And doesn't even offer me a dream;
Imagining the future
Brings me yet another kind of tears.

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