Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 6 : 19 Years Old [ "I May Not Last Much Longer . . ." VIII ]


People often say that the beginning of the rainy season is a bad time for sick people. And in my case I'm getting
worse and worse as if I'm falling down the stairs.
-I have diarrhea, my body feels dull. Dehydrated?
-My hips are unsteady.
-It's difficult to swallow.
-I fall over and my lips bleed.
-It's difficult to read characters and see other objects. Everything is out of focus.

I was contacted about the festival they're holding at the boarding school, but I don't have any energy at all to go.
My disease has developed too far.
The days when I don't write at all have been increasing.
I can't use a ballpoint pen well . . . I want to think it's because I haven't been writing much.
I may not last much longer . . .

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