Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 5 : 18 Years Old [ Having Understood The Truth VIII ]

A theft

I do my washing myself once a week, Today, as usual, I put my dirty clothes in a canvas bag and my purse in the back pocket of the wheelchair. Then off I went. I took the elevator from the eighth floor to the first floor I read a book in the lobby while I was waiting for my turn.

A middle-aged woman called me.
"Right, it's my turn," I thought. I put my hand in the pocket to get my purse. It wasn't there! I checked several times, but I couldn't find it. I was sure I had put it there. I was very upset.
"What's the matter?" asked a man who was also waiting.
"I seem to have forgotten my purse, so please go ahead before me," I said and left.

I never expected that kind of thing to happen, so I didn't bother to keep an eye on the back of my wheelchair. I lost Y400 and my purse. I'm sorry, Mom.

Suzuki-sensei and Tsuzuki-sensei from the school for the handicapped came to visit me. It's four months since I graduated. I was pleased to see that they haven't changed at all.
"Please lie on my bed," I said.
"Well, I don't really like lying on a hospital bed. Do I look tired?"
"No, but if your body odor is on my futon. I'll feel secure and sleep well!"
There were both at a loss as to what to say. They had an indescribable expression on their faces!

Ako visited me. I went out with her in the wheelchair. The sun shone so strongly I could hardly open my eyes. I want my skin to be darker. I'm too white.

Wonders will never cease! The tsukutsukuboshi cicadas (Meimuna Opealifera) were already buzzing. Wait a minute, summer's disappearing!

Ako seems to be suffering a lot because she lacks motivation. Perhaps she can't find what she's looking for. I can understand how she feels, but I'm a bit worried about her. On the spiritual plane, she's more independent than me. It seems that I'm the one who has the last ability to become independent of our parents.

The middle-aged owner of an electric appliances store who had had a stroke bought me a hime-yuri star lily at the flower shop on the 1st floor of the hospital. He can only use one hand, so he passed his purse to the woman at the shop and asked her to talk 250 yen from it. Then he gave me the flower saying, "Let's hope it blooms!" His gentle face looked radiant.

Like a mother kissing her baby's cheek,
I kiss the bud of the lily
That's just about to bloom,
Wishing it to be gentle and charming.

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