Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chapter 6 : 19 Years Old [ "I May Not Last Much Longer . . ." II ]


In the evening, I received a camera seminar. My brother came to my room with his chemistry homework and his new camera. I guess he stayed with me because he thought I might be feeling lonely by myself. What a kind boy he is!

For more than two hours, he happily explained to me all about his camera. Then he went back to his room without doing any homework.
"Tomorrow," he said, "I'll get up at five o'clock and remove any sharp stones from the playground for the puppies."

But surely he'll have to do his homework, won't he? Kuro's puppies, I don't think he'll have time to remove the stones from your playground. Sorry about that.

I feel loved in the warmth of my home. But I can't express my love to everyone. I can't speak and I can't make any actions to express it . . . The best I can do is smile in response to their love.

*I should go to bed early and get up early.
*I should brush my teeth quickly.
*I should not be late for meals.
*I should do my training every day without forgetting.
*And I will make an effort to respond to everyone's love.

Self Training

- Standing up 10 times
- Raising bottom 10 times
- Rolling and sitting up 10 times, leaning to right and left
- Raising arms for 5 minutes
- Standing up holding onto something for 5 minutes
- Breathing in and out deeply 3 times, blowing my harmonica, and again breathing in and out deeply 3 times (When I blow the harmonica, I can get a good sound if I pinch my nose so that my breath doesn't leak out)
- Knitting and making kimekomi quilt balls to train my hands
- Reciting picture books to improve my speech . . .

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